Stress and anxiety can greatly affect the quality of life of the individual. Here are some of the things we can miss out on because of poor management of stress and anxiety:

  • Promotion at work
  • A happy and fulfilling relationship or marriage
  • Physical health
  • Peace of mind
  • A younger looking appearance
  • Financial freedom
  • Valuable friends
  • Plus, so much more!

All these things can be achieved when one knows how to handle stress and anxiety properly. Here are some proven techniques to do so:

Tip 1: Identify The Stressors

What is stressful for one would not be stressful to another person. Each individual would benefit from knowing what triggers his or her anxiety causing them to be stressed out. Upon identification of these triggers, we would be able to plan ahead and work out how to respond to the stressors and overcome them in the process.

Stressors can be small or big. It can be a person, thing, event, time, or place. It can be real or perceived. It can be internal (within the person) or external (with his or her surrounding). It can be anything and you just need to identify what yours are that cause your stress or anxiety.

The good news is that stressors do not call the shots. The person does. You are in fact the one with power to decide what to do with the stressors. Would you let them continue to stress you out? What could you do about them?

Tip 2: Identify The Coping Mechanisms

The body is designed to face challenges, difficulties or stresses in two ways: fight or flight. When we are very anxious or stressed out we may not be using the proper coping mechanisms that would help. When we realize how we face our stressors, we are then in a better position to enable us to find new coping mechanisms that would be more effective and fitting.

Tip 3: Exercise Regularly

Studies have proven the link between exercise and reduction of stress and anxiety. This is because feel good brain chemicals are being released when one is physically active. At the same, we attain a toned, lean body, which promotes confidence and self-esteem, further reducing his stress and anxiety.

Tip 4: Take Time Out

When in the midst of stress, one of the easiest things to do to promote relaxation and rest is to take a time out. You could do the following options instead of worrying and becoming stressed:

  • Go out and take a walk.
  • Stretch, dance, jog or do anything that keeps one moving.
  • Play with his pet or kids (if you have any).
  • Laugh out loud, read a funny book or watch a comedy show.
  • Meditate, pray practice of the faith you happen to believe in.
  • Be with a friend.
  • Do the garden.
  • Listen to music.

If time or circumstance would not allow you to take a 10-15 minute break, you can do breathing exercises instead. This is also the body’s way of recharging. How to do this? Simply inhale through the nose taking a deep breath. Hold the breath for 3-5 seconds. Release the breath slowly through pursed lips. Repeat up to 10 times or until you are calm and composed.

Tip 5: Eat healthy Foods

A well-nourished body would be able to fight off stress and anxiety better than a weak or sick body. Therefore, practicing proper nutrition is a MUST. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Avoid processed food and sweets as much as possible. Reduce caffeine. Eating right can prevent diseases, too.

Food can also affect how one feels. Various studies have confirmed that some food can cause the release of the happy chemicals (same as with exercise) like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. It seems that you can eat your way out of anxiety and stress through consumption of vegetables and fruits, plus dark chocolates and some spicy food.

Tip 6 : Do Not Be Too Serious – Have fun!

Laugher is the best medicine, even for people who are stressed and anxious. So take the time to have fun with your friends and family. At the same time, you should also allot quality time for yourself for balance. You should do something that you enjoy every day. Keeping ones sense of humor during difficult times is equivalent to less stress and anxiety.

Final Thoughts On Stress And Anxiety

Stress is not the real issue. How the person faces and handles it is the more important thing. We do hold the key to overcoming stress and anxiety, discover more at Anxiety Counsel. Learn to turn the tables and be in control of stress instead of it being in control of you.