When I first tried to quit smoking, I thought that vaping was extremely simple and that there was nothing special about any given vape. I honestly thought that they all looked like the little pens sold at gas stations and that while it wasn’t smoking a cigarette, it wasn’t exactly fun either. Then I found a local store that carried a lot of different vape supplies near me and I now know that there are a huge number of different options available when I want to indulge myself.

The first thing that I found out about was different types of vapes that weren’t just pens and that actually looked really cool. I found that I could do more than just replace the cigarettes I was no longer smoking, I could improve on them and really enjoy the entire experience. I have gone through a number of devices now, but knowing that I will always be able to find something new has kept me excited over the years.

The next thing that I found out about was the mods that could be installed to make the vapes function in different manners. I found that I could make a large amount of smoke appear, that I could effectively eliminate the smoke, that I could control how much juice I got in each draw, and that I could even make changes to prolong the life of the mods that I was using. This amount of control was completely amazing to me and I wish I had known about it much sooner.

I also started learning about the different juices available and the amount of customization that can go into each and every juice. I don’t think I can honestly remember the last time I took an off the shelf juice and didn’t mix it with another to create a flavor that I truly enjoy. I also found that there are huge difference in quality between juices and that I can get organic juices and anything else I could think about as well.

I think that the reason I have been able to keep from going back to smoking cigarettes is the availability of different vape supplies near me. I hope that more people learn about the options available and understand that you can still enjoy the feeling of smoking, but that you can also improve upon it as well. Check out your local vape shop to see what types of products they carry and talk to the staff at the store. They will be able to provide you with a lot of information.