The society that we live in today is patriarchal. The man is culturally almost always thought to be in charge. For centuries now, a mans social standing is determined by his masculinity. It is also obvious that sexual prowess, which is always on a mans mind, is encompassed within masculinity. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a man to think that the size of his male organ is also the key to his manliness and subsequently to his demand / reputation as a lover.

The proof of this paranoia is everywhere. It is discussed in the various forums on the internet. There is a big spurt in the number of sex clinics world over which mostly addresses the problems of size. It is even clearly evident from the numerous midnight infomercials recommending various products, gadgets and even herbal concoctions claiming to enlarge the male member by few inches.

There is a new affliction that medical men call the Small Penis Syndrome. In this, the male has an average size of genital but he thinks otherwise. As a result, he stays anxious and also shows behavioral discrepancies. A research attributes this disease to over exposure to pornography. The actors who are working are excessively endowed and the men who watch them compare their sizes to the actors and therefore end up having a complex. Men with this affliction should consider the sizegenetics extender to boost their confidence.

There is also a perceived notion that women are fond of men with big penises and having sexual intercourse with such men is more pleasurable to them. Of course, all men want to be endearing to their mates and satisfy them to the fullest and so they are ready to try anything that comes their way that promises them a change. But surprisingly, all the research conducted up to now show no connection between penile size and the pleasure that it supposedly gives.

One other reason why men are seemingly obsessed with their size is that they feel that the size of their organ determines their reproductive strength. The bigger the penis, the more fertile the sperm. Yet again, there is no proof whatsoever about any remote correlation between the size and the number of children that they can sire. Infact, it has been noticed by the surgeons and general practitioners that people with very large penises have been documented to be without children during their lives. As they say, its not about the size, but what you do with it that matters most!